Finding Audrey

Finding Audrey - Sophie Kinsella A protagonist with general anxiety, social anxiety and depression? Got me intrigued and wanting it so bad. It's just so uncommon. It's also treated well and more realistic than usual, with therapists, medication, exposure therapy. Even Audrey's thoughts were really realistic.

I didn't rate it higher because I felt it was too easy of a resolution, she dates Linus really easily which is just unrealistic to me. Even if she was in the dark and felt safer to do things, I still feel how they ended up on it is actually too simplistic and easy. Also found she had was really anxiety, her depression had cleared and been resolved by the start of the book. She had to deal with her anxieties, especially social.

It was really funny and heart-warming without putting it's foot on the mouth.

I didn't like how they kept saying the Grandma with Alzheimer was crazy though, and Audrey's mom definitely has issues what with all the crazy things she did. Hello it's not normal to spy on kids and wreck their laptops because of a game.

All in all, a decent book with some issues but still enjoyable.