Strong Signal

Strong Signal - Megan Erickson, Santino Hassell tbh i think their relationship grew and blew way too fast without context, since there were time skips for months on end, we don't get to see how they slowly bonded. we just get a lot of rough sex, and some funny interactions. i like the idea, the themes, and even that they used the social anxiety realistically, but it all felt too quick, fast and sudden for me to feel the spark. i love a good slow burn, as characters meet and grow to like each other, and the sexual tension growing until it culminates. this had none of those, which is pretty disappointing considering the summary/synopsis kinda was leading to it. they immediately hit it off after some emails, and I do not buy it at all.

i also feel like the gaming thing got dropped super fast, they didn't game together, and it really was just a prop. i never felt like they were legitimate gamers, I'm not saying this in a snobby way, I mean in terms of games. they barely name dropped games, just some vague "demos" and "early access". they mentioned mahbe 5-6 games, 2-3 of which were made up for this book.

all in all, not bad,made me laugh and smile hard, and the interaction of the chat members did feel pretty legitimate.