The Trajectory of Laughter

The Trajectory of Laughter - PK Samurai I wrote a review/spotlight feature of this fanfic and completely forgot to share it here with a link and a snippet from it:

"It's an a amazing fanfic by PKSamurai, and I give props to them because I cried so hard after finishing it, and I don’t usually. You can read it here.

It takes a concept I really like “following the original timeline but with a twist”, into this particular case it’s a bit of “what if Sawamura had started with his end of the first manga knowledge and skills”. Of course, it’s not really the focus, I’m just saying that because I don’t want to spoil the plot. Just know that it involves time-travelling.

Know also it slashes, in the best possible, chaste and slow-burn way, Eijun with Miyuki. My Miyusawa heart is super happy about that (^_-)≡★

I’ll be honest, this story is gigantic, some 150k words, but it’s all worth it. Once I started it, I got hooked. Plus the writing is flawless, it really flows. I’m astounded by all the amazing fanfic writers I find. Discovering really good writers is a favorite past time of mine, and not only is PKSamurai a good writer, (he? she? I’m not certain, let’s go with they) they have an excellent buildup and plot skills. Good writing with bad plot is nothing. It has to come together to make a good thing, and TToL is excellent, and made me feel so vindicated that if Sawamura had started with those skills/knowledge he would’ve been capable of carrying them past those awkward first games/tournament. Plus I like that the PKSamurai has a good sense for skipping/shortening the games that weren’t all that important/needed in the Daiya original timeline.

This story was really touching, plus seeing their quasi-romance bloom as slow as a snail moves was beautiful. But that’s not why I cried. PKSamurai knows when to twist the knife deep inside, and really wrench emotions and tears (个_个)"

Click the link to read the rest! :D