Adulting 101

Adulting 101 - Lisa Henry this is fun, cute, heartwarming, and so real.
i definitelt felt for Nick, as someone that has no idea what to do with their lives and just finds everything so overwhelming.
i really liked that Jai is always a trooper, never made him feel bad, and always felt real. both felt real, alive.
thing is, while I laughed and loved it, I don't see their relationship long term. Nick still has too much to grow and learn, and Jai is 25, he's more mature yes, but he'll also want certainty. but maybe this is me being pessimistic when this book was so positive, real and cute, that I just don't think they had much spark.
i felt like they are each others first relationship, the first puppy love you get because someone is hot, or cute, but then you figure out they're not headed in the same direction as you. they're not really right for you.
it still made me laugh, and I love feel-good stories that aren't super focused on angst, or just on the fucking. definitely good quantities of real, fucking and fun