Scorpio Hates Virgo

Scorpio Hates Virgo - Anyta Sunday This book felt like it was in a vacuum, the descriptions were intangible and didn't make a picture or give me a clear view of the houses, the community, the characters. I don't know what any of them look like. And that's just odd because Anyta's Rock was amazing, utterly magical, the descriptions weaving a beautiful movie in my head.

So idk what happened recently but I don't like this writing style. It just feels empty, the places and characters void of color and shape. I'd have expected after Rock Anyta would've improved, gotten even more magical, but the opposite happened and I'm very confused. Was Rock a lighting in a bottle, a Lucky strike, a happy instance?

Was there something different in the process of editing or publishing of Rock to these? Was it edited by a publishing company and these Signs of Love self-published? Usually I wouldn't think it's that, because I've read plenty of self-published books and fanfics that are incredibly good. But maybe Anyta needs more of a guidance, a hand, a critical something (an editor?) to help her. Or whatever made Rock such a success and gorgeously written be brought back.

What's odd is that I remember liking the first book of this series, maybe I should reread to see if it's just this book or I was sleep reading the first one.

Heavy sigh.