Gemini Keeps Capricorn

Gemini Keeps Capricorn - Anyta Sunday It has the same issues as the second book in the series for me. Lack of detailed, vivid descriptions makes this be quite empty for me. A lot of dialogue and actions that are kinda abrupt. It was hard to imagine this in my head/movie playing in my head.

Still wondering what happened for these to be like this, when Anyta has done a whole Rock.

Quite disappointed, need to reread the first book of this series to see if I was just blind to it or it was in fact better.

Finding Audrey

Finding Audrey - Sophie Kinsella A protagonist with general anxiety, social anxiety and depression? Got me intrigued and wanting it so bad. It's just so uncommon. It's also treated well and more realistic than usual, with therapists, medication, exposure therapy. Even Audrey's thoughts were really realistic.

I didn't rate it higher because I felt it was too easy of a resolution, she dates Linus really easily which is just unrealistic to me. Even if she was in the dark and felt safer to do things, I still feel how they ended up on it is actually too simplistic and easy. Also found she had was really anxiety, her depression had cleared and been resolved by the start of the book. She had to deal with her anxieties, especially social.

It was really funny and heart-warming without putting it's foot on the mouth.

I didn't like how they kept saying the Grandma with Alzheimer was crazy though, and Audrey's mom definitely has issues what with all the crazy things she did. Hello it's not normal to spy on kids and wreck their laptops because of a game.

All in all, a decent book with some issues but still enjoyable.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Break Through Depression, Free Yourself From Anxiety, And Understand Why You Don't "Feel Normal" - UNLEASH YOUR INNER GREATNESS

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Break Through Depression, Free Yourself From Anxiety, And Understand Why You Don't "Feel Normal" - UNLEASH YOUR INNER GREATNESS - James Haywood Give it a big pass. It's basically like a leaflet to sell you CBT. It explains what CBT is, depression, anxiety, and what one can get out of it. That's it. One can find as much or more in the Wikipedia article, plus there's actual websites that explain better and give actual CBT tools. If you need CBT sold to you there's other options, free ones.
Quite disappointed with this considering the title, it's just a big clickbait.
Oh well, hope the next one is better than this. Sigh.

Scorpio Hates Virgo

Scorpio Hates Virgo - Anyta Sunday This book felt like it was in a vacuum, the descriptions were intangible and didn't make a picture or give me a clear view of the houses, the community, the characters. I don't know what any of them look like. And that's just odd because Anyta's Rock was amazing, utterly magical, the descriptions weaving a beautiful movie in my head.

So idk what happened recently but I don't like this writing style. It just feels empty, the places and characters void of color and shape. I'd have expected after Rock Anyta would've improved, gotten even more magical, but the opposite happened and I'm very confused. Was Rock a lighting in a bottle, a Lucky strike, a happy instance?

Was there something different in the process of editing or publishing of Rock to these? Was it edited by a publishing company and these Signs of Love self-published? Usually I wouldn't think it's that, because I've read plenty of self-published books and fanfics that are incredibly good. But maybe Anyta needs more of a guidance, a hand, a critical something (an editor?) to help her. Or whatever made Rock such a success and gorgeously written be brought back.

What's odd is that I remember liking the first book of this series, maybe I should reread to see if it's just this book or I was sleep reading the first one.

Heavy sigh.

Invisible to See

Invisible to See - FayJay All the sex scenes were not between Drarry, none, and Draco's relationship with Neville and Justin were better explored than his with Harry's, or even why they fell for each other, especially Harry.
It had some really good lines, sarcasm and wit, but I found myself skimming large portions because it was sex scenes between Draco and Justin, and then because nothing was really happening. It had an interesting premise, and some good ideas that frankly I think needed a better writer to reel it in and make it work.
As it is, it's quite passable, aside from the first chapters with all the funny lines. After that one can jump to the last chapter and not miss anything. Which is a pity.

Faith, Volume 1: Hollywood & Vine

Faith, Volume 1: Hollywood & Vine - Pete Pantazis, Jody Houser, Dave Sharpe, Stephanie Hans, Joe Quinones, Andrew Dalhouse, Michael Spicer, Francis Portela, Marguerite Sauvage Francis Portela's art is ugly all-round, I would've much preferred if Marguerite Sauvage had done the whole issues. She draws Faith beautiful, and the rest of the cast too, which is great to see a plus sized character get that kind of treatment.

Grimm Fairy Tales Genesis: Heroes Rising (Grimm Fairy Tales: Genesis)

Grimm Fairy Tales Genesis: Heroes Rising (Grimm Fairy Tales: Genesis) - Joe Brusha A bunch of oneshots to introduce characters that read like Chapter 1 of each story, but it was interesting. Just too much stuff to have any cohesion, but I'll definitely have to peek at some of these to see if they have legs.

2 stars means it's okay, and that's how I see it too. Can't say I liked it fully considering it's just chapter 1 of each story in 32 pages, not much to go from there.

Batgirl Vol. 3: Death of the Family (The New 52)

Batgirl Vol. 3: Death of the Family (The New 52) - Gail Simone it was setting up to be an interesting story when Gail Simone got yanked as the writer, and the following writers brought it down terribly, then she returned on the last issue of this volume and rescued it but it's a terrible shame. Could've been a great, strong volume like the previous 2 but definitely got bogged down by the change of writer.

The Handbook of Elf Psychology

The Handbook of Elf Psychology - evansentranced

Get Some

Get Some - Sara Holmes The author uploaded it to their AO3 account.
Read here:

Outcast (BTS Fanfiction)

Outcast (BTS Fanfiction) - Flirtaus Read it

Year of No Clutter

Year of No Clutter - Eve O. Schaub While there isn't a method or plan for dealing with clutter, it is a funnily, heartwarming autobiographical telling of someone with OCD dealing with hoarding to a spiritual level. In order to deal with clutter one must look inside and change, realize and adapt. The author did that and while I can't say I understand the overly attachment to all objects, I do feel like I understand better why hoarders hoard and that they need help to slowly change. It needs to come from the inside, it's not a realization that can be handout by someone else.

Broken Mind Fractured Soul (Broken Mind, #1)

Broken Mind Fractured Soul (Broken Mind, #1) - SensiblyTainted Too long, melodramatic and angsty. Its premise is interesting but the execution is very hit or miss, mostly miss. so I didn't feel like trudging through all of this, I read maybe half of it before I was fed up. A good editing and cutting of the excess would've done wonders, and toned down the melodrama.
That said I'm game to try other stories by this writer.


Z - Manuel Alves Embora tenha uma premisse interessante, de facto a historia é pequena e precisava de ser maior. Fica a saber como um epílogo, os primeiros capítulos de uma história, e não como um conto com um fim.

Por ter potencial e até gostar do que li, estou a dar 3 estrelas, mas de facto para algo que sinto que não está acabado deveria dar 2 estrelas. Porque ficou tudo em aberto e por continuar.

Ficarei de olhos abertos para as outras histórias deste escritor, embora do que tenha reparado, são todas pequenas.

O Código da Estrada

O Código da Estrada - Virgínia Monteiro Está actualmente desactualizado, com as novas leis que já saíram entretanto.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Yasutaka Tsutsui, David Karashima What a disappointment, and I suspect the problem is largely the translation itself, though I don't rule out that the original work is the source of this.

The first story, and consequently the one that gave this story its title, is The Girl Who Leap Through Time, which inspired the animated movie with the same title. The movie is way better, though it took all its cues from this story, it had better writing and delivery.

Both stories, the second is a horror-like themed story, felt badly fleshed out and immature, quite childish in its delivery really.

Now I don't know if the immaturity, and bad writing are faults of the translator, the writer itself, or both. It's probably both, but as I don't know how to read Japanese (yet), I don't have any way to say it's one way or the other.

Deeply disappointed, I expected a classic. Alas, it was not meant to be.

I've been antsy to read this since I learned the movie was based on this book, though I've only now geared my courage up to try to tackle it. Plus it's short, I never noticed it was only 100 pages!

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